Friday, May 2, 2008

It Fits!

Whew, I took the Flutter Sleeve Cardigan to my cousin Allison and here is what it looks like:


And another view also looks great:


In other knittings news, I am finally trying some BMFA Socks That Rock "lightweight" yarn that I bought at Purlesence Yarns a while back. I'm finally knitting a fairly vanilla sock,and I'm absolutely loving it, I have to say:


The colorway is Pebble Beach. My friend Judy thinks that the weight was mislabeled, because I'm knitting on Zero's and coming out at 7 stitches to the inch. So maybe it's really mediumweight, which would be fine by me!


ms. crafty said...

The sweater looks beautiful! Yay. And the socks look lovely as well--great colorway.

a.m.c. said...

i look good. ;)

i wore this to work and everyone was super jealous! i def gave you credit, too. <3

Alison said...

Beautiful and beautiful!

--AlisonH at

Renee said...

So glad that it fit! You rock, girl!