Saturday, April 5, 2008

Loving the Lace

Well, I've finally finished the Hanami Stole. I have to say, this was a fun pattern and an addictive knit for me. Here it is:


I used some seed beads that I had on hand that I thought went well -- and used some for the ruffle as well as the initial cast-on.

And this is a bit more ruffly than the pattern calls for -- I decided to add some fullness into based on the photos that I'd seen. I think it works fine.


And the yarn?Hanami3

I LOVE the malabrigo lace yarn. And I have a whole skein left for some other project!


Alison said...

Oh, it's gorgeous! And Malabrigo--I know how soft it must be. Wonderful.

--AlisonH at

AuntieAnn said...

How gorgeous! I must take the lace plunge soon --

Renee said...

Thanks -- yes, lace is fun (I do better than with a gazillion yarn color changes)!

SYLVIE said...

That looks really pretty! I like the blue yarn.

Ivy said...

Wow, that's lovely. I keep hearing about that yarn. Once I knit down some stash I must try that. Nice work!